Filastrocche di Halloween in lingua inglese

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By Harry Behn

Tonight is the night | When dead leaves fly | Like witches on switches | Across the sky, | When elf and sprite | Flit through the night | On a moony sheen. | Tonight is the night | When leaves make a sound | Like a gnome in his home | Under the ground, | When spooks and trolls | Creep out of holes | Mossy and green. | Tonight is the night | When pumpkins stare | Through sheaves and leaves | Everywhere, | When ghouls and ghost | And goblin host | Dance round their queen. | It's Halloween.


Black cat | Orange pumpkin | White ghost | Green-eyed monster | Black, orange, white, green | These are the colours | Of Halloween! | Black cats | Whitches hats | Jack o'lantern | Jack o'lantern | Black, orange, white, green | These are the colours | Of Halloween!

by Mary Howitt

"Will you walk into my parlor?" | said the spider to the fly; | "Tis the prettiest little parlor that you ever did spy. | The way into my parlor is up a winding stair, | And I have many curious things to show when you are there." | "Oh no, no!" said the little fly, | "to ask me is in vain; | For who goes up your winding stair | can never come down again."


Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate, | The first one said, | "Oh my, it's getting late." | The second one said, | "But we don't care." | The third one said, | "I see witches in the air." | The fourth one said, | "Let's run, and run, and run." | The fifth one said, | "Get ready for some fun." | Then whoosh went the wind, | and out went the lights, | And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!


First, put your clothes on inside out. | Then walk backward to where two roads meet. | If you wait until midnight, you will see a witch!


Three little ghostesses | Sitting on postesses, | Eating buttered toastesses, | Greasing their fistesse, | Up to their wristesses, | Oh, what beastesses | To make such feastesse!


Three black cats, three black cats, | In black hats, in black hats. | They all jumped into the Halloween brew, | They teased the ghosts and the goblins too. | Did you ever hear such a hullabaloo | On Halloween?


Pumpkin time is here again, | Time to play Trick or Treat. | Pumpkin time is here again, | Our spooky friends we'll meet. | See the costumes we have on, | Monsters, ghosts, goblins too. | See the costumes we have on, | Hear us all shout "Boo!"


Old Roger is dead and he lies in his grave | Lies in his grave, lies in his grave | Old Roger is dead and he lies in his grave | Heigh ho, lies in his grave | They planted an Apple tree over his hand | The apples grew ripe and they all tumbled down | There came and old woman a-picking them up | Old Roger got up and he gave her a knock | This made the old woman go hippity-hop


Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern, | you are such a funny sight | As you sit there by the window, | looking out at the night | You were once a sturdy pumpkin | growing on a vine | Now you are a Jack-o-lantern, | see the light shine


I'm a little scarecrow, | Raggedy and worn | I wear a hat, | And a shirt that's torn | When the crows come, | I wave and shout, | "Away from my garden-get on out!"


Hallowe’en is coming soon, | Pumpkins we must buy. | Make a Jack-o’Lantern, | Bake a pumpkin pie. | Hallowe’en is coming soon, | Feel it in the air. | Witches ride on broomsticks, | Ghosts hide ev’rywhere. | Hallowe’en is coming soon, | Goblins chasing you! | As you round the corner, | One of them says, “Boo!”


When autumn comes | And the days of crisp October | Then comes a night | Weird things are seen; | Witches on broomsticks, | And glowing Jack-o’lanterns, | Peer through the windows | Hallowe’en! | Then boys and girls | Gather round the fire a-glowing, | Faces are painted | Bright blue and green | Apples are bobbing, | And gypsies telling fortunes, | Fun and myst’ry, | Hallowe’en!


Witches on broomsticks | With cats and bats | Ride ’round after dark | In their pointed black hats. | How spooky are the noises | On Hallowe’en night, | And then through the window | We see a strange light. | Bright staring eyes | And a glowing nose; | I sit close to Daddy | And curl up my toes. | It’s old Jack-o’lantern, | He peeks in the room, | A worse looking spook | Than a witch on a broom. | Hallowe’en night | Can be lots of fun, | But somehow I’m glad | When it’s over and done. | It’s good to have Daddy | To kiss me good-night, | And know that the spooksters | Have all taken flight.


Here is Jacko happy | Here is Jacko sad | Here is Jacko sleepy | Here is Jack mad | Here is Jacko is piece small | But in pie, he's best of all.

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